Syfy’s New Female-Led ‘Van Helsing’ Series Lays Down Some Serious Stakes In Its First Trailer

Back in early 2015, Syfy announced a new female-led Van Helsing series, and most people responded with a shrug and a “You do you, Syfy.” It’s the best way to respond to most things Syfy does these days. Over a year later, we finally have a trailer for Van Helsing, and the project looks, well, interesting.

First off, don’t worry — this series has nothing to do with the terrible, ultra-campy Hugh Jackman Van Helsing movie from a few years back. Instead, the series is about Vanessa Helsing, daughter the original Van Helsing, who awakens in a post-apocalyptic world overrun with vampires. The trailer definitely tries to strike a bit of a Walking Dead tone, but there’s some more over-the-top elements as well, including a badass Mad Max-style car and plenty of wanton gunplay and violence.

Van Helsing stars Kelly Overton (True Blood) and is created and executive produced by Neil LaBute. Yes, that Neil LaBute — the playwright and director behind In the Company of Men, Your Friends & Neighbors and, uh, The Wicker Man. So if nothing else, Van Helsing may end up being a trainwreck worth gawking at.

Syfy recently showed a preview of Van Helsing‘s pilot after Sharknado 4. The full series is set to premier on Friday, September 23.