Vega Finally Gets A Shirt In His ‘Street Fighter V’ Reveal

Probably the least credible thing about Vega is his lack of a shirt. Well, OK, we guess the whole “Spanish ninja” thing is less credible, but come on, the guy runs around with a Wolverine claw strapped to his wrist and has no chest protection? Put on a shirt, Vega!

Of course, being Vega, it’s a frilly pirate shirt that’s open down to his navel, making him look like the love child of Fabio and Wolverine. But, hey, it’s a start. Maybe next we can convince Sagat a lack of depth perception puts him at a disadvantage.

Anyway, jokes aside, it looks like Vega is fighting very traditionally in this trailer as he shows the new kid on the block how to get attacked with a razor-sharp blade while inexplicably not bleeding. You’ve got your wall jumps, your downward attacks, leading with the claw, and all that. But we’re still going to call him Fabiolverine.

(Via PlayStation)