Why Did Mysterious Space Balls Crash In Vietnam?

Vietnamese authorities are currently trying to figure out a confusing mystery. Strange balls from space have plummeted to Earth in the country, and nobody can quite puzzle out what they’re doing there.

We know what these balls are, mind you. They’re Russian spheres, specifically Russian-made compressed air tanks. It’s just that these should not being falling out of the sky and crushing sheds and gardens in Vietnam. Right before these space balls landed, locals reported thunder and flying objects, which would indicate a nearby rocket launch.

So, while we can rule out aliens, unless Russia’s been holding out on us, there’s no good explanation as to why Vietnam is being hammered with space spheres. The most common theory is that a satellite launch went wrong and this is the fallout from that; due to the balls being relatively intact, they had to fall from a distance of less than 62 miles. But there are no satellite launches publicly known in this time frame, and none in the Vietnam area. True, not every satellite launch is disclosed to the public, especially if it’s a clandestine one, but it’s not clear who in the region would even be launching such a rocket. And if they were launching a rocket, where’s the rest of it?

These tanks, for now, will remain a mystery, but we’re sure somebody will come forward and claim them eventually. After all, you don’t want your space balls just out there for governments to analyze.

(Via CBC)