Who Voltron’d It Better?

We haven’t heard much lately about the Voltron movie in development, although the last time we wrote about it we were introduced to our new favorite producer name: Dick Suckle. We also said back then that we’d totally watch it if they cast the girl to the right as Voltron. Or just use four real cats taped to a fifth cat.

We still don’t have our video of four cats taped to a fifth cat (get with the times, Hollywood!), but we do have two new, very tonally-different Voltron fan films released this week. The first, by AwkwardSpaceship, is a comedy sketch which points out all the stuff about the 80s cartoon that annoyed us as kids. The second, Voltron: The End by Alex Albrecht, is a serious take on the subject, with Timothy Omundsen (Jericho, Psych) playing Lance, the pilot of the Red Lion.

So who Voltron’d it better? The kid in the banner picture, of course, but here are the two fan films anyway:

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