Wait…The Spidey Musical Is Profitable?

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Hold the phone here, we are talking about the actor-injuring, Taymor-firing, overhyped, underwritten, totally revamped, heavily mocked Broadway show we’ve been ripping on for months, right? After all that work, the punchline is that a bunch of professionals came in, turned the show around, and it’s actually making money? Dammit, we were hoping for a tragedy about hubris, not a feel-good “save the show” ending.

Anyway, it’s far from out of the woods, especially since it cost $75 million to put on and costs $1 million a week to keep running…but it’s making $100,000 to $300,000 a week, which isn’t bad considering everybody thought it was going to officially open and close on the same night. And they’re planning to revise the show every year with new content.

OK, so they’re still being sued by the allegedly insane Julie Taymor, but, hey, who were the people who got the show running?

[ via the web/mudslingers at the New York Times ]

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