Telltale’s ‘The Walking Dead’ Season Two Digs Up A New Trailer

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12.13.13 4 Comments

walking dead

Telltale will supposedly be rolling out The Walking Dead Season Two next week, picking up with Clem. And it looks like the light, airy romp we’ve come to expect.

This trailer is also pretty spoiler heavy, so if you haven’t played Season One, you probably shouldn’t watch it. That said, bring on the darkness!

Leave it to Telltale to recount every tough decision made in the first game… and end their trailer with an in-joke. For those wondering, “very soon” is probably within the next week or so; December 18th is generally agreed on as the date, although this being Telltale, it could be tomorrow.

The main question is what’s changed. Considering the knife twist that was the first game, picking up with Clem is an… interesting choice, to say the least. Also interesting will be how the game’s changed between entries; The Wolf Among Us shows Telltale has been willing to tweak its systems, although that’s got fewer firearms and more visceral arm-ripping.

We’ll likely know more next week. Or “very soon”, at least.

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