Want a Murder Victim’s Batman Collection?

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11.02.11 2 Comments

Ben Novak was a hotel heir and a big Batman fan. Like, really big. He also happened to be really rich, so, he bought a lot of Batman stuff. And then he got murdered.

So they’re selling his stuff to the highest bidder! That’s not creepy or morbid at all!

If you’re willing to look past the complicated and kind of sad history behind the items, there’s some pretty amazing stuff on the auction block: Batman comics from the ’40s (yes, he had an issue of “Detective” #27), memorabilia from the TV show that you never see in mint condition, but not, alas, the Batmobile replica he owned. The auction house is expecting to clear $1 million easy, which will be useful, since the walls started bleeding as they were moving the merchandise in.

[ via the flying-echolocating-mammal-men at Mogulite ]

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