Want to Rack Up 20000 Credits in Halo: Reach? In 10 Minutes?

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09.28.10 4 Comments

Aside from the unfortunate name (we predict it took .000001 seconds after the name was announced for it to be dubbed “Halo Reacharound” by PS3 fanboys), “Halo: Reach” has done pretty well for itself. And now you, too, can do pretty well for yourself, by exploiting a mistake before Bungie closes it.

Here’s how it works, according to the actually kind of annoying fan vid that’ll be under the jump.

Step 1: Choose ONI:Sword Base in Campaign on Normal with free for all score.

Step 2: Run through the level till you can pick up the Target Locator.

Step 3: Walk to the door and wait for a “Checkpoint”

Step 4: Fire at the enemies!

Step 5: Collect underpants

Step 6: Press start, choose “Revert to last save”

Step 7: Profit!

We may have made a few revisions. Either way, here’s the video of the no doubt soon to be repaired in a patch shenanigans:

[ via Kotaku ]

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