‘Warcraft’ Is The Most Successful Video-Game Movie Ever, And Duncan Jones Is All In For A Sequel

As we’ve reported, the Warcraft movie may have received a critical and financial drubbing in the Western world, but it’s been a big hit in a various foreign markets. Particularly China, where it’s a government-backed smash hit. In fact, Warcraft‘s Chinese receipts pushed it past a major milestone this past weekend, as the movie has officially become the most successful video game adaptation of all time.

Warcraft has made $377 million globally, allowing it to easily top previous record-holder Prince of Persia ($336 million) within the span of only two weeks. With more money still to come in, it’s possible Warcraft could end up with a sequel, but will director Duncan Jones be on board? Reviewers and pundits have not been kind to Jones, with some being downright nasty to him in interviews, so it wouldn’t be surprising if the previously acclaimed director left his CGI orcs in somebody else’s hands.

Based on some recent Twitter comments, however, it seems as though Jones is still fully committed to Warcraft despite the slings and arrows…

Of course, one big thing still stands in the way of a Warcraft sequel — the fact that the film is an outright bomb in North America. The movie dropped 73 percent in its second week, taking in only $6 million at the box office. Hollywood is starting to think more globally, but they’ll always, unavoidably, have a somewhat America-centric view of things. They’ve greenlit sequels to movies that were hits in China in the past, but a movie like Pacific Rim still made $100 million at the domestic box office, well above the $30 million Warcraft has brought in thus far. Warcraft will the greatest test yet of the new power of overseas markets.

What do you think? Will a Warcraft sequel happen? And if it does, should Duncan Jones continue to invest his time in the series?

(Via Eurogamer)