Watch A News Anchor Troll His Star Wars-Loving Coworker With A Star Trek Joke

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12.17.15 3 Comments

Credit to Tim Ryan of the Dallas/Fort-Worth Fox affiliate–he really does try to get into the spirit of things, what with Star Wars: The Force Awakens just a few days from being released. Unfortunately, he’s a little hazy on his franchises and instead manages to wind up Star Wars fans, including his own coworker.

Admittedly, insisting that “resistance is futile” and then trying to save the joke is great on its own, but stick around until after the live segment is done. Meteorologist Jennifer Myers, who’s about to become the Internet’s new favorite weather personality, goes on a hilarious tear about Star Wars fans, her plans to attend a Thursday screening, and how she’s only not going in costume because her stormtrooper armor would get uncomfortable after two hours in a theater seat.

Personally, we think Myers should go for it. It’ll allow her to watch the movie in relative peace, and really just endear her more to the legions of nerds who will no doubt swear their undying love on Twitter as this clip spreads. Or, even better, she should be a Jedi on air; hey, unlike most news anchors, at least she’s got access to a green screen for effects.

(via Fox4)

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