'Watch Dogs' Has A Release Date And An Out Of Control New Trailer

04.30.13 5 years ago 6 Comments

Okay wannabe hackers, Watch Dogs now has an official release date, so get out your calendars and put a big red X on November 19th. Hmm, well, I suppose hackers like yourselves don’t use paper calendars anymore, so put a big red X on your phone or in the cloud or however you kids are doing it today.

Now, hit the jump for an action-packed new Watch Dogs trailer…

Damn, I had no idea the hacker lifestyle involved so many explosions! And sexily mysterious girls with fauxhawks and cheek piercings! Sign me up! Is there like…a hacking program to download? Is it Windows 7 compatible? Could anyone maybe send me an FAQ or something?

via Kotaku

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