‘Watch Dogs’ Really, Really Wants You To Grief Your Friends

09.06.13 5 years ago 3 Comments


We’ve all done it, once or twice; messed with a friend in a game just a little. For me it was a regrettable time in Dragon’s Dogma where all my designed companions were gigantic guys named Herb. Watch Dogs, apparently, is going to turn that into a gameplay function.

We’ve already seen that you can try and rob other players by sneaking into their game and giving them a virus. In fact, that’s five minutes out of this enormous gameplay video:

And that’s optional. But if you happen to be riding on the bus, or sitting at Starbucks, you can still screw with your friends, at least if you’ve got an iPad.

It all starts with the mobile player sending an invite to a console player on their friends list. All of the power of the CTOS system will be available to mobile players, so they’ll be able to use things like traffic barricades to impede their prey’s progress. And the more chaos the console player causes, the more attacks unlock for the mobile player.

It’s actually a pretty interesting idea, not least because it riffs on the whole “connected world” thing that the game has going on. And it is nice that, even if you’re away from your console, you can reach out and screw with someone. We can see a pretty entertaining form of “local multiplayer” coming out of this idea. On the other hand, we can also see friendships being permanently ruined, so maybe think before you decide to drop a dozen helicopters on your target at once.

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