Watch Honest Trailers Tackle The Late ’90s Apocalypse That Is ‘Twisted Metal’

The late ’90s wasn’t a great time for, well, most things. Fashion, music, you name it. Most of it kind of sucked, but at least we got a lot of Twisted Metal games during that era.

The Twisted Metal games were ’90s as sh*t, but they were also a lot of dumb fun. I mean, they were basically a dark, gritty, Limp Bizkit-infused version of Mario Kart’s battle mode, so they couldn’t go too wrong. Sony has continued to be make occasional Twisted Metal games well into the 2000s, but it doesn’t really matter when a Twisted Metal game is released. They all feel like a product of 1998. So, hitch your pants down a few inches, crank up the Korn and enjoy Honest Trailers‘ skewering of the Twisted Metal series.

via Smosh Games