Watch The New Assassin Of ‘Dishonored 2’ In Action

While the presentation leaked in about the silliest way possible, we hadn’t seen anything from Dishonored 2. Until last night, when the first trailer dropped and set up some interesting plot twists.

First off, the trailer’s told from the perspective of Emily Kaldwin, the empress you (probably) rescued at the end of the first game. If you read all the books in the first game, you’ll notice this takes place in Serkonos, one of the islands of the Empire and essentially Spain to the previous game’s English setting. Interestingly, Serkonos also has four major cities, so we might be exploring all of them.

As for our heroine, Emily appears to primarily get around with a hookshot-type device and a taser-esque proximity mine, although she still has the ability to freeze time that gave you so many interesting opportunities in the first game. Finally, the robot maker she’s after is a big fan of Anton Sokolov, the mad scientist in the first game… and may be in contact with The Outsider, the game’s amoral power-granting god.

Some things don’t change, though. The Outsider is still narrating the trailer, and he implies Emily lost the role of Empress under unpleasant circumstances. The Duke of Serkonos appears to be an oppressive chap with a plague on his hands, although this time it appears to be insects making hives out of corpses. Oh, and Corvo Attano, it’s been confirmed, is still around and will be playable.

The only thing we’re missing is a release date. But because Fallout 4 arrives in November and Doom is coming Spring 2016, and the now-inevitable remaster of the first game is arriving this fall, it seems fairly safe to assume you’ll be hookshotting around Serkonos late in 2016.