Why We’ve Been Waiting So Long For ‘Westworld’

The last we heard of Westworld, HBO’s adaptation of a movie where Yul Brenner plays a defective robot cowboy, it had hit a major snag as production had shut down. Despite a promising teaser and even more promising cast, some were wondering whether we’d see it at all. Thankfully, we will be singing it after all but, according to Jonathan Nolan, creating such an undertaking lasted far longer than he thought.

Nolan is doing interviews for the next season of Person of Interest, and when asked by io9 what was up with Westworld, had a lot to say. In the process, he revealed it’s somehow even more ambitious a show than we’d been hearing.

“Basically, we’re shooting Alien, Days of Heaven and Unforgiven simultaneously… Literally everything you put in front of the camera has to be built, designed, [or] bought. So it’s just an extremely complicated show to mount and put together. The network’s been extremely supportive.”

Nolan also confessed that he thought he could shoot Westworld much like Person of Interest, which didn’t exactly pan out. That said, they’re in the final two weeks of shooting, which means they just need to edit together what sounds like the single most ambitious series HBO has ever attempted and get it out on screens. No pressure! There’s no release date announced yet, but HBO still has the series penciled in for 2016.

(via io9)