What TV Show Do You Most Want to See Rebooted?

02.14.12 6 years ago 19 Comments

It’s a pretty straightforward question: “Star Trek” may be coming back if Bryan Fuller and Bryan Singer successfully revive “The Munsters”. “Space: 1999” is being rebooted as “Space: 2099”. The “Battlestar Galactica” reboot put SyFy on the map for intelligent programming and found a lot of Trekkies (yours truly included) forgiving Ron Moore his sins on another franchise.

So, what TV shows need to come back?

We’ve got a few suggestions:

The X-Files

At its best, it was funny without being goofy and clever in its monsters and its use of pseudoscience. While some episodes haven’t aged well, the overall premise is solid enough that it deserves a chance to redeem itself from the seasons no one liked.

Alien Nation

A franchise that never quite lived up to its concept. The TV show wasn’t bad, but the idea of exploring the immigrant experience through aliens just never quite got paid off the way it should.

Day Break

This show, on the other hand, paid off its premise quite well: it sounds like “Groundhog Day: The Show”, where a cop repeats the same awful day over and over, but the plot against him was complicated enough to carry the show without being silly, and the day repeating was thankfully left unexplained. It deserves a second shot.

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