These Fan-Favorite ‘Star Wars’ Characters Deserve To Have Their Own Anthology Movies

The new Star Wars trilogy is great and all, but one of the most interesting aspects of Disney’s Star Wars master plan is the Anthology Series. While the new trilogy pushes the Star Wars saga forward, the Anthology films will fill in the details, expanding bits of backstory and adding extra depth to some of your favorite characters. The first in the Anthology Series is this year’s Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, which will be followed by movies focused on Han Solo and, possibly, Boba Fett.

So, what other favorite Star Wars characters should get their own backstory movies? There are certainly plenty of possibilities to choose from. A movie detailing the adventures of Leia between Star Wars: Episode III and IV could be fascinating, and a stand-alone Obi-Wan movie would be a no-brainer. Going a bit deeper, they could do a movie starring all of Star Wars‘ lovable droid characters, or perhaps a movie where the shiny Captain Phasma actually gets to do something properly badass. And hey, what about a movie starring Jar Jar Binks? Disney should do that one just because they can, dammit.

What do you think? Which Star Wars characters are calling out for their own turn in the galactic spotlight?