Who Hates The FCC’s New Net Neutrality Rules?

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12.22.10 5 Comments


OK, not everybody, just everybody who actually cares about net neutrality. This is because everybody involved decided to freak out instead of read the actual rules. Which are…

Oh, wait, nobody actually knows, because the 80 pages of rules haven’t been released to the public yet. This hasn’t stopped anybody from whining about them, of course, and whining about them at length.

To sum up all the whining: all of the net neutrality crowd are complaining because the people who actually own the pipes can do a few things with them that will let them raise revenue to keep the Internet working, while the people who own the pipes are complaining that the FCC isn’t letting them charge you a $50 surcharge a month to use Netflix.

In other words, it’s people getting all twitterpated for no good reason. We can’t wait for the rules to hit, and the whining to hit critical mass.

[ via the furries at CrunchGear ]

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