Who Slipped Profanity into The Latest Issue of Batman?

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10.15.10 5 Comments

Here’s one thing we’ve never gotten about Batman: he doesn’t swear, except when Frank Miller’s writing him. Now, maybe this is a good thing, considering how quickly “I’m the goddamn Batman” became a meme, that meme being the most beloved and popular thing Frank Miller’s written in more than a decade. Still, it does stand out occasionally. This is a guy in crooks and psychos up to his neck, for whom beating up only one homicidal maniac is a good day. He never drops an f-bomb? Ever? Come on, even the Dalai Lama drops an f-bomb occasionally.

OK, fine, maybe not.

Possibly this was glaring enough that an artist at DC took matters into his own hands and inserted some salty language. The original art in question, and the finished page, under the jump.

The original art:

And the somewhat revised published splash:

Notice anything?

[ via BleedingCool ]

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