Who’s Playing Pa Kent Now?

There are some things that are inevitable about a Superman movie and its casting: a total unknown will be cast as Supes, and movie studios, anxious to wring as much money out of foreign audiences who may not care about Supes, stack the cast with as many cheap-but-recognizable celebrities as possible. This is why “Superman Returns” still had Kal Penn in it, despite cutting out every single line.

And the pattern continues, with none other than the Postman himself, Kevin Costner, cast as Pa Kent.

We’ll say this: it’s a far more interesting choice than getting some actor who spent a career playing grandpas. We’re just wondering if he’ll try a Midwestern accent, or just not even try, and whether Zack Snyder will work in a “Dances With Wolves” joke.

[ via the Robin Hoods at Latino Review ]