Wii-Mote Plus Tiny Projector Plus Zapper Equals VR

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Most of us gave up on VR quite a while ago, as this bemulleted, acid washed picture can attest. But some won’t surrender the dream, most notably Nirav Patel, a gamer and home hacker who took one look at the Wii-Mote, a teeny little projector, and the Wii “Zapper” (’tis not the One True Zapper, whatever Nintendo says) and decided the three needed to be put together immediately.

Currently, it only runs an open source FPS called Cube, and that’s off the laptop strapped to Patel’s back.  But it’s still pretty neat.  A gyrometer keeps track of the pitch and yaw, the Wii-Mote and nunchuck offer up buttons to control weapons, movement and so on, and a laser projector actually puts the screen up on the wall.

There are obviously some drawbacks, like needing a dark room and a big white wall in your house to play the game, but this would probably be a great gimmick for horror games.  If nothing else, it might finally make those Doom 3 flashlight levels scary.  Crappily shot but still informative video after the jump:

[ via DVice ]

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