Will ‘Arrow’ Be Tied To ‘Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice’?

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07.07.14 15 Comments
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DC is basically cramming every possible character they can get away with in Batman V. Superman. Wonder Woman, Cyborg, hell, they’ve probably got Ambush Bug running around in the after-credits teaser. But there’s one superhero who definitely won’t be in the movie…

…And that would be Green Arrow. Although the reasons why are less to do with DC hating Ollie Queen, and more to do with logistics, according to Stephen Amell:

I’m not going to be in Batman V Superman. Everything here boils down to logistics… But keep in mind, playing Arrow on television isn’t a consolation prize. We play the definitive versions of our characters in the DC Universe.

Does that mean nobody will try to take Emily Bett Rickard’s place as Felicity Smoak? Because it’s safe to say all of nerddom is 100% OK with that. Beyond that, though, it raises an interesting question in how, and if, DC is planning to tie its cult TV series and its big-budget movie series together. It’s kind of hard to see Arrow fitting in with Man Of Steel, for a host of reasons, the least of which being that the city is so self-involved Metropolis getting utterly trashed just doesn’t show up on their radar. It would also lock DC and Warners into some casting decisions, including major characters like The Flash and Deathstroke.

Then again, it would also explain the seemingly relentless rumors that sooner or later Arrow will be crossing paths with Nightwing and why Batman villains will apparently be turning up in the third season of the show. Worth noting is that in current DC continuity, Ollie is not a member of the Justice League, but rather the anti-Justice League strike team assembled by the American government, currently fighting aliens in Canada. Yes, comics are weird.

Somehow, we suspect that not even DC really knows how this is going to work. Either way, just focus on keeping the movies and TV shows worth watching, guys. That’s really all we ask.

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