There Will Be Casting News: Daniel Day Lewis Might Be In ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’

How do you match Darth Vader? It was a problem that haunted the Star Wars prequels and is going to be an issue for the sequels as well — no new villain is going to measure up to ol’ DV. Well, unless they’re played by Daniel Day Lewis, who can out-villain just about anybody, even James Earl Jones’ voice in a 7-foot robot body.

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Now, before we get ahead of ourselves, Daniel Day Lewis isn’t confirmed for Episode VII by any stretch of the imagination, but according to Twitter chatter Day Lewis has had lunch with George Lucas and Kathleen Kennedy. I don’t care how many lunches it takes, they need to make Daniel Day Lewis in Star Wars a reality. I’m willing to forget Jar Jar ever existed if we get space Daniel Plainview.

In other casting news, Sullivan Stapleton (one of the shirtless guys from the upcoming 300 sequel) may be up for an Episode VII role. Also, Saoirse Ronan has confirmed she auditioned for a role in the movie — hmmm, she has kind of a Carrie Fisher-esque facial structure, doesn’t she?

Sadly no Saoirse Ronan metal bikini pics exist (yet), so a true comparison is impossible. 

Just sayin’.

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