Will Smith Wants To Step In As ‘Batman’ And Here’s How He Sees It Happening

Move over Ben Affleck, Will Smith wants to take your place! Last night at the MTV Movie Awards, Will Smith spoke with MTV’s Josh Horowitz backstage about being Deadshot in the upcoming film, Suicide Squad and if he’s ready to reprise his role, but according to Smith, he’s ready to put on the batsuit instead.

Smith tells Horowitz about a comic that he read where Batman gets injured. Smith in the interview doesn’t remember the comic, but he’s talking about Batman Issue 59, “The Man Who Replaced Batman” which was released in 1950 and was the first appearance of Deadshot.

Smith then begins to pitch his idea of himself playing Batman:

“I’m a team player. I’m a team player … If they need me in a suit, I’m in it … [Ben Affleck] can do it a couple, can do it for two or three, and then he gets injured and Deadshot can take over. For me it’s the logical progression.”

Smith then shows off his best ‘bat growl’ just to prove that he’s ready to play the Caped Crusader if duty calls. So if Will Smith is going to be Batman are we going to see Jaden Smith playing Robin and Willow Smith playing Batgirl?

(Via: MoviePilot)

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