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Everyone’s speculating about how the non-Raimi revamp of the Spider-Man movies will work out. Will he be a teen? (yes) Will it be a gritter Dark-Knight-influenced story? (probably not) Will it be shot in 3-D just like every film planned for the next two years? (Yes, and a 3-D webswinging Spidey could be something actually justifies using 3-D.)

One new bit of info about the films leaked the other day, as Brian Michael Bendis posted a tweet on Thursday that he’d:

Just spent a very interesting morning at Sony with the entire spidey movie team!! Very very cool stuff!!

Which is enteresting, because back in January, he’d posted this:

i work as a consultant on the marvel movies. this is a sony movie. i have no involvement. but maybe if you all scream loud enough :)

So, does this mean that they’ll be adapting Bendis’ Ultimate Spider-Man series into the films? My bet’s on no. They’d have to condense a lot to get those into films, as Bendis put a lot into those stories. (Remember how Spidey’s ultimate origin was seven issues long?) And since one of the best things about Ultimate Spidey was that Bendis was willing to decompress the story to an insane degree, including taking an entire issue to just have Aunt May talk to her psychiatrist about how she thinks Peter hates her or spend 22 pages on Peter telling Mary Jane he was Spidey. I’m betting Sony wants plenty of action to sell these movies, not two teenagers spending half an hour awkwardly talking on a bed.

That said, even if they just have him advise on the relationships between the main spider-players, it’d be time well spent. It was the characters and humor that kept me buying Ultimate Spidey (at least until that Ultimatum nonsense), and if they get even the flavor of that…I’ll be watching the new films.

Aw, who am I kidding. I’d pay $12 to watch anything they put out with Spider-Man in it, even if they just dress a hobo in Spidey suit and have him do the robot for two hours.

I’m such a spider-whore.

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