William Shatner Can Buy and Sell You Thanks to Priceline

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05.04.10 5 Comments

Shatner isn’t pointing at that mountain to make you admire his its natural beauty. He’s pointing it out to the work crew that’s going to carve Shatneropolis out of it.

As you might have guessed, Shatner isn’t disgustingly rich thanks to his sterling and brilliant film career, or his brilliant innovations in music, even his Star Trek money.

No, apparently the Shat was clever enough to make Priceline pay him in stock.  A share cost about as much as two candy bars when Shatner started with them, and now it’s worth $300 a share. So Priceline basically paid Canada’s finest ham nine figures (an estimated $600 million) to do this:

We think Leonard got paid a sandwich for that last ad.  Shatner strikes again!

[via ScifiWire ]

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