‘Wolfenstein: The New Order’ Will Have You Fighting Nazi Mechs During The 60s. Wait, What?

05.07.13 5 years ago 6 Comments

Hey, Wolfenstein is coming back again! Um, hooray? Actually, Wolfenstein: The New Order looks like it could be a lot more interesting than the last few attempts at reviving the series. For one, it takes place in the swingin’ 60s! Well, sadly the 60s aren’t so swingin’ anymore, because the Nazis won World War II and now dominate the world with an army of unstoppable Nazi mechs. Bummer man.

So yeah, quite the wacky high concept, but hey, Bethesda’s been having good luck making wacky high concepts work lately. Hit the jump for a teaser trailer…

Hopefully this game is an over-the-top, old school Serious Sam style shooter with a rockin’ 60s soundtrack. If it is this may be the relatively rare first-person shooter I actually buy. I’m probably hoping for too much though.

via Kotaku

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