One Of The Main Villains In ‘Wolverine 3’ Has Reportedly Been Revealed

Wolverine has had a long and winding road on the big screen, with more than his share of ups and downs as far as film quality goes, and is now getting set for one last go-round before the character takes some time off in the X-Men film universe. (We would say “the character retires, full stop” but seeing how it’s just Hugh Jackman stepping down from the role and 20th Century Fox really enjoys printing money with their movie releases, it’s very unlikely Wolverine will be gone from screens for too long.) The upcoming Wolverine 3 is still short on specifics and high on expectation besides the fact that it will be “like a Western”, so every rumor or reveal is another step towards gauging how good the movie might be no matter how small the detail.

The latest supposed reveal features the villain(s) Wolverine face off against. Now that we know the main actors (oh hey Patrick Stewart cameo!), even though we don’t know much of anything about who they are portraying, it only makes sense that the next step is to guess about an adversary. According to Nerdist and as reported by, the big bad for Wolverine 3 will be Reavers. Any fans of that other Western-inspired sci-fi Firefly know that something called a “reaver” can’t possibly be good news for anybody involved, and this iteration of the species doesn’t sound like a sunshiney day at all.

Reavers [are] cyborgs created specifically for the elimination of mutants. They still don’t know who is creating the Reavers, or controlling them, or to what capacity the characters are being used, though speculation includes Donald Pierce and Mr. Sinister as top suspects.

For those who don’t recall, the film will center around Logan – AKA Wolverine AKA the voice of reason in most of the recent X-Men films – trying to live in a future world where super villains run the show. It promises to be a movie filled with crazy action and high stakes as Logan tries to stay out of the fray, as he usually prefers to do while still keeping everyone safe and himself mostly not dead.  That promises to be a much more difficult task with Reavers out to get him at every turn. The prospect that somebody else could be controlling those pests is even more intriguing, and mayhaps a role for cast members Stephen Merchant or Eriq LaSalle to sink their teeth into?

Wolverine 3 doesn’t even have an official title yet and won’t be out for almost a year so there is still plenty of time to speculate and figure out the best case scenario for how Reavers fit into the larger story.