New ‘Wonder Woman’ Series In Development At The CW

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09.07.12 9 Comments

Vulture reports the CW, Warner Bros. TV, and DC Comics is developing a script for a Wonder Woman TV show with the working title Amazon. (No relation to the David E. Kelley version that NBC rejected with good reason or to the film in which Nicholas Refn wanted to cast Christina Hendricks.) Amazon is only in the script development phase right now, but that won’t stop me from using that Gina Carano photoshop. Carano, after all, has already said she’d love to play Wonder Woman.

The script duties fall to Allan Heinberg, who has experience in female-centered TV shows and also has comic book cred. He and artist Terry Dodson handled the Wonder Woman relaunch post-Infinite Crisis.

Oh, did we mention it’s going to be an origin story? Studios just love those origin stories.

Unlike past TV incarnations, it will focus on Wonder Woman as a young, budding superhero, rather than a fully formed defender of liberty. (Think Smallville, but instead of a “no tights, no flights” rule, this show might have a “no bracelets, no crown” mandate.) [Vulture]

I’m crossing my fingers they’ll go full-on Diana of Themyscira, all-female society of tall, badass woman warriors. They can give her a boyfriend in, oh, about season seven. Come on, CW, we need a replacement for The L Word. Tumblr can’t sustain itself without a steady supply of cat pictures and homoeroticism. Please, CW, think of the Tumblrs.

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