World’s First 3D-Printed Bikini, You Say? Okay, I Guess So (Video)

06.09.11 7 years ago 4 Comments

I’ll admit, fashion really isn’t my thang. Just yesterday I was yelling at my roommate, telling him that he should really try to do his laundry more often, because I was running out of things to steal from him and wear to work. Needless to say, the new N12 bikini from Continuum Fashion may just be the instigator that makes me finally start paying attention to clothing…oh yeah, it’s also the world’s first 3D-printed swimsuit. What exactly does that mean? Well how should I know? I just work here.

The N12 bikini gets its name from the material Nylon 12, the sole ingredient used in the process of making these swimsuits. Through a laser cutting procedure called SLS, the nylon is melted down into the exact geometry of the bikini’s design -essentially leaving you with a snap-together fabric requiring absolutely no stitching or glue. This could very well be the sweatshop’s best friend.

Created by Continuum Fashion bigwigs Mary Huang and Jenna “Can’t Read These Cue Cards” Fizel, the video after the jump illustrates how algorithm codes allow for the N12 design pattern to be duplicated infinitely, granted that’d be the world’s biggest bikini ever. Your mom’s probably.

[via Make:Online pics thanks to triangulationnlog]

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