World’s First Cyborg Invents Water-Based Instrument

05.04.10 8 years ago

Meet Steve Mann.  He invented a radar implant for blind people so they could “feel” objects from a distance away (yes, he made blind people into Daredevil, only cooler). He pushed cameras beyond their natural limits. He invented new fields of mathematics just because he wanted to improve those cameras.  He’s widely considered the world’s first cyborg.  Be grateful that he feels like inventing musical instruments, instead of ways to give human beings superpowers.

The hydraulophone, his invention, mostly exists because somebody told him you couldn’t create an instrument using water and his response boiled down to “Wanna bet?”  Basically, the hydraulophone creates notes by blocking one of the holes.  This changes the pulsing of the water flow, creating a note.  At least we think that’s how it works.  This is a bit like a chimp trying to explain Einstein’s theory of relativity.  Basically, it’s a musical instrument that deaf kids can play and it helps them build their sense of touch.  See it in action under the jump.

Yeah, when we were bored, we played “Dante’s Inferno” to try and get that stupid last trophy. We feel weak, somehow.

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