‘X-Men: Days Of Future Past’ Posts A Ten-Second Teaser

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10.24.13 13 Comments


Ready for a teaser from X-Men: Days Of Future Past? A really short one? Here you go!

This was posted on the XMenMovies Instagram account. And you will believe a Mystique can cry:

Seen it a dozen times? Good! Now let’s break it down, shot by shot:

  • That motorcade in the first shot appears to be flying Vietnamese flags. Followed immediately by Wolverine getting his brain fried.
  • Then we see what appears to be a bunker in the White House, immediately followed by Old Wolverine, Professor X, and Magneto.
  • Then a quick shot of Young Magneto, and Mystique crying.
  • Wolverine in Cerebro, and Xavier’s underground facility from the first three movies getting trashed.
  • Mystique kicking ass in the White House Oval Office, ala Nightcrawler.
  • Finally, Magneto dragging Mystique towards him.

Also, we see Storm with a new short poofy haircut; Young Xavier in an early Cerebro; a shirtless Wolverine stabbing somebody because come on, it’s an X-Men movie; and Beast roaring. Just using what I can see of the shots and watching this a dozen or so times, it seems like this draws from three scenes:

  • Young Magneto and Mystique attacking the White House for different reasons, which is intriguing because they were teamed up at the end of First Class.
  • Old Wolvie being sent back in a bunker right before the Sentinels come in.
  • A future sequence where things do not go very well for the cast of the first three movies.

That’s my obsessive, bullet-pointed list. Make with yours in the comments.

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