Yacht Folds In On Itself, Looks Like It Was Rendered On a PS1

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If there’s one thing we all pray to whatever deity never to happen (or just hope fervently for, for you atheists), it’s a return to the ugliness of the mid-to-late ’90s. Beige was king, unless you were paying thousands. Then you got a blocky, fugly black…thing. Polygons were just becoming hot with cutting edge games like “Spectre” and they were have a design influence. Worst of all, pairing grey with black was the hot design choice in consumer electronics, with maybe some purple thrown in for color, and admit it: you may have fond memories of the NES, but that puppy was ugly.

A lesson not learned by Fabio Federici, winner of the Millenium Yacht Design Awards for this $7.2 million sprite made out of, what, five polygons? To be fair, the basic concept is absolutely awesome; the wall and ceiling unfold and expand to become a pleasure craft one can just sit on the deck spilling champagne into the ocean and generally gloating about how rich you are, and then the walls fold up and you can rocket around the Mediterranean or up the Riviera or whatever other body of water rich people hang out in.

But this thing looks like a mini-boss from “Wave Rider” or something. Seriously. This thing exists to be chased by Jean Claude Van Damme or Steven Seagal on a jet ski while hair metal or a derivative orchestral score plays in the background.

On the other hand, since it costs that much, Michael Bay will probably blow one up in the next “Transformers”.

[ via Gizmodo ]

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