Yeah, So Um, This Exists: Solar-Powered Pants

12.29.10 8 years ago

You know, every now and then I’m able to disconnect from my busy daily schedule and pretend that, for a brief moment, I’m an elite fashion reporter, sent here to earth to cover all things faaaabulous. Well, as it turns out, today I don’t really need to pretend all that much, thanks in part to tech-clothing company Silvr Lining and their new, absolutely to die for, solar-powered cargo pants!

*throws fist full of glitter into air, decks self in own face*

Those ridiculous trousers you see in the banner pic are the Go Urban Cargo Pants, which feature two independent 6 x 8 solar panels on the outside of each cargo pocket. The panels generate about 5 volts, enough to power an iPod or any like-minded mp3 device, through its USB plugin. And I hope you’re wearing your fashion seatbelt, because you too can own the Go Urban Cargos for the unbelievably low price of just $920.00 (usually I have to pay twice that much to get my ass kicked)!

Silvr Lining also has in the works several other solar-related clothing items, which includes a director’s jacket (can’t wait to see that), an overcoat, a hooded utility vest and an assortment of other clothing trends that few people seem to utilize these days. Sadly, the “Hunter Orange” turtleneck is not part of the collection. That you’ll have to pick up at Ross Dress For Less, per usual.

And a very special back rub to io9 for the tip, with a gentle hand caress to Discoverynews for the pic.

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