You Can Consider Batman Miles Davis

07.30.10 8 years ago 5 Comments

Yesterday ComicsAlliance spelled out exactly why they hated “Batman: The Widening Gyre” #6 written by Kevin Smith, and I’m going to focus on just one part of it (you can read the rest there).  I like Kevin Smith, but he may be smoking just a little too much pot.  Case in point: would a sober man start every podcast talking about their fleshlight for ten minutes and write a comic in the official Canon where Batman pees himself?  Yeah, this happened:

Batman pissed himself. And he retroactively pissed himself during one of the most iconic moments of Frank Miller’s Batman: Year One, according to Kevin Smith. Batman. Had a “bladder spasm.” Causing the World’s Greatest Detective to fill his tights with urine. AS MENTIONED IN AN OFFICIAL, IN-CANON DC COMIC BOOK. [ToplessRobot]

The panel in question is at the above right.  Since I’m a Kevin Smith fan and admittedly biased, I thought it would only be fair to defer to the opinion of Batman himself on this matter.  What say you, Caped Crusader?

*adjusts monocle, puffs on pipe*  Quite so.

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