You Can Go To Space For Only $2,000 — All You Have To Do Is Die

08.13.13 5 years ago 4 Comments

gammasquadspacefuneralThis would be your view, assuming you weren’t, uh, you know…

Not to get grim or anything, but let’s have a chat about what you want to do with your mortal remains. Personally I plan to be buried on top of a mountain under a 12-foot tall, solid gold (nude) statue of myself, but just on the off chance I don’t die Uncle Scrooge-level wealthy, a space burial also sounds pretty rad. And economical now that a new start-up has appeared offering space burials for under $2,000! Hit the jump for details…

A new company called Elysium Space, possibly founded by an evil Jodie Foster, will launch your cremated remains into low orbit for $1,990. Your ashes will then spend the next couple months merrily hurtling around the planet before re-entering the atmosphere and exploding in a kick-ass fireball of you. Since this is 2013 your family will also be able to track your travels around the planet on an iPhone app.

So yeah, you can pay $2000 to go to space or five times more to get dropped in a 6-foot deep hole in the ground. The dead person economy is weird.

via Gawker

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