You Can Now Play ‘Super Smash Bros.’ On Your Graphing Calculator

Rejoice, bored math students everywhere! Instead of feigning interest (or, in my case, comprehension) in the latest parabola lesson, you can now truly put your graphing calculator to good use with… Super Smash Bros.

I kid you not — the game can now be played on that trusty hunk of plastic thanks to the efforts of one programmer named Hayleia. Per Engadget:

Programmer Hayleia managed to port it over to the TI-83/84, and even left the code open for anyone to modify. It has a great zoom effect to make better use of that low-res screen, though for now you’ve only got Fox and Falco to play with.

Below, check out a screenshot of the game in action.

We highlighted a few calculator games in the past, but I think the super fascinating Super Smash Bros in particular will make even the non-students out there (i.e. moi) want to dust off their old TI-83s.

Via Engadget