Young, Inexperienced Lara Croft Goes On A Killing Spree In This Eleven-Minute 'Tomb Raider' Video

02.11.13 5 years ago 5 Comments

That house? Full of her victims.

So, the upcoming Tomb Raider reboot/prequel stars a young, inexperienced Lara Croft who isn’t yet fully confident in her tomb raiding abilities. I guess? I mean, that’s what the developers keep saying. After the jump we have 11-minutes of Tomb Raider gameplay in which Lara kills around 30 people, often in pretty brutal ways, which, to me, seem like the actions of a pretty confident person. But hey, I guess she doesn’t kill a T-Rex anywhere in the video, so this is still kid’s stuff by Lara’s standards.

Hit the jump for the video…


Is it strange that amongst all the violence and Lara being battered about and impaled on pointy things (really guys?), the thing that weirded me out most was the language? Tomb Raider games aren’t supposed to have dirty words in them! Nothing sours me faster on an exotic, wealthy, large breasted adventurer than a potty mouth.

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