Your Console's About to get a Butt Infusion — The Lingerie Football League is Getting a Video Game

06.20.12 6 years ago

Getting of tired of yearly Madden iterations? Want to add some spice to your video game football world? Well, uh, here’s a thing — the Lingerie Football League is getting a video game.

For those unaware (like I was until this morning) the Lingerie Football League is actually sorta, kinda a real sports league and not just a novelty thing that happens once a year like the Puppy Bowl (I checked, sadly there’s no regular season for puppy football). The LFL features lady players in booty-shorts and feminine-product themed team names like the Chicago Bliss, Tampa Breeze and Seattle Mist. Ahh, football’s never felt so fresh.

I dunno, seems like there are much less elaborate and/or stupid ways to get near to girl’s butts, but I guess it fills that “fun for the kids and dad’s boner alike” niche. Bring the whole family (minus mom) and make sure that son who’s been a little too into soccer lately pays extra close attention.

The Lingerie Football League game will be developed by Yuke’s, the company behind the last decade of WWE games and forgotten classic Rumble Roses. So, who’s ready to get their hard grapple on with Yuke’s new game? Eh? Hard grapple? See what I did there? It’s a video game and wiener reference all in one. Ah, f–k it, here’s some more butts…

Okay, huddle up girls. I’ll like, throw the ball or something, then Candee, you pants one the girls on the other team. Crystal, you’re on “accidental” boob grab duty. The rest of you, just fall into a pile and writhe around a bit. Go Pittsburgh Poise!

via Kotaku

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