Zack Snyder Doesn’t Seem Certain Ben Affleck’s Batman Movie Is Going To Happen

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice just suffered one of the worst second week drops — Hello darkness, my old friend. — but it’s still making a ton of money, so don’t count out a standalone Batman movie just yet.

We started hearing rumors about a Ben Affleck-starring standalone Batman movie in July of last year, which was later rumored to be as many as three movies which would also be directed by Affleck and possibly written by him, as well. Then a rumor went around that Affleck was spotted angrily rewriting the Dawn of Justice script while in the Batman costume on set (quite the mental image). Affleck told French language publication Premiere Magazine he didn’t rewrite the script at all. It turns out he may have been writing something else, though, as a while later the co-CEO of Ben Affleck’s agency said the actor has finished writing a “really cool” Batman script.

In the interview above, however, director Zack Snyder doesn’t seem so sure it’s going to happen, but he’d like it to.

“I keep working on him, he’s always said he’s a one movie at a time guy. He’s finishing editing his film, Live By Night, and then he comes to Justice League and then after that, I think he’s going to try and develop the story. Then we’ll see if he likes it.” (transcribed by CBM)

And, from the sound of it, whether or not Affleck is willing to direct seems to be a deciding factor. When asked if Affleck would be the solo Batman movie’s director, Snyder replied, “Oh yeah, for sure, I think he would. I think that’s kind of the prerequisite, hopefully, for him doing it.”

Maybe he could be persuaded if he gets to pick a new sidekick…

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