From The Danger Zone To The Mistreatment Of Woodhouse, The Running Jokes On ‘Archer’ Never Get Old

Running jokes are, of course, pure fan service, but they’re the right kind that speaks to fans who watch every episode and spot every call back. Archer, which is coming back to our assorted screens on March 31, masterfully pulls this off, and being that the end of March is so very far away, we thought we’d remind you of some of the great running jokes that only true Archer fans can fully appreciate.

Lana… Lana?… LANNAAAAA!!!

In many ways, Sterling Archer is still a child. You can choose to blame that on him missing out on a proper childhood if you want to. But the fact of the matter is that he often does things no adult should. For example, doing whatever he can to get someone’s attention and, in many cases, that person is Lana. Over time, Sterling’s developed a habit of yelling her name whenever he wants her to notice him doing something that’s nowhere near that important. You should definitely not try this at work or in life.

Burt Reynolds

Archer has spent most of his life emulating his hero, Burt Reynolds. But after two seasons of obsessing over the original Paul Crewe, Archer ran into Reynolds at a bar in season three. His bubble was quickly burst, however, after he realized Reynolds was dating his mother. This was, unfortunately, just seconds after he had made a corny, “Gonna give her the Longest Yard? *wink wink*” joke.


Remember the whole “That’s what she said!” joke that got run into the ground a few years ago? Well, Archer’s “Phrasing!” gave it some much-needed life. The good thing about “Phrasing!” is that it’s gender-neutral and can be used more freely. It’s also perfect for fitting into tight spaces without a lot of work… [Editor’s Note: Phrasing!]

Brett the Bullet Magnet

No matter where he was, if someone fired a gun in the International Secret Intelligence Service headquarters, Brett was likely to get shot. I wouldn’t be surprised if Krieger put a magnet in his body or something. If you’re wondering why this is all in the past tense, let’s just say Brett was only so lucky. His eighth time getting shot was his last – and somehow still Archer’s fault. It’s a shame, too. He was one bullet away from coming out with a chart-topping rap album.

Woodhouse’s Mistreatment

The closest thing Archer ever had to a real father was Woodhouse, who was there when he was born, helped name him, and cared for him all the way into adulthood. To repay that debt, Archer endorsed his heroin addiction and threatened him with violence over minor incidents and annoyances. It’s a classic father and son tale, really.

Archer’s Mother Issues