Arnold Schwarzenegger Lines For When You Need To Get Pumped Up

If there’s one thing that Arnold Schwarzenegger is known for in his movies — besides blowing up terrorists and surviving ridiculous stunts — it’s dishing out impeccable one-liners. More often than not, they’re pretty cheesy, but that doesn’t detract from their greatness or practicality. (Yes, even the occasional line from Batman and Robin can be of usefulness in everyday conversation.) The colossal action star is turning 69 on July 30, so to celebrate, keep these Schwarzenegger character quotes in mind next time you need to get pumped.

“If it bleeds we can kill it.” — Predator

When you’re a commando like Dutch and leading a team of elite killing machines through the jungle, all while being hunted by an even more elite killing machine, it can be easy to get discouraged. Dutch was seeing his men literally being stripped of their flesh by an enemy that was damn near invisible. Rather than just sitting on a tree stump and throwing down his gun in frustration, he reminds his men that every enemy has a weakness, and their mysterious enemy can be defeated just like any other. Okay, so all of his men do get brutally murdered in the end, but the message still resonates.

“Enough talk.” — Conan the Barbarian

There’s a time for talking about the issue and there’s a time for taking action on the issue. Conan isn’t exactly a man of many words, though. He’s more of the less talk and more head-cracking action type, and any leader needs to know when the time comes to put words into action and make a move. In Conan’s case, action means throwing a dagger into a bad dude’s gut, but for the rest of us something a little more practical and less criminal assualt-y is likely a better fit.

“Come with me if you want to live.” — Terminator 2: Judgement Day

When a cyborg from the future dressed like a biker offers his hand and the option of not dying, you take it. Sara Connor is obviously terrified in this scene — since it is the exact model of the terminator that tried to kill her eight years earlier — but it’s a better option than the liquid metal death lurking nearby. You may not find the exact wording of this line useful in your everyday life, but tweak it a little. Maybe something like “Come with me if you want to get turnt!” You get the idea.

“You’ve just been erased.” — Eraser

If there’s anybody who knows how dish out a well-placed zinger right before or just after knocking off a villain, it’s Arnold Schwarzenegger. James Caan really picked the wrong coworker to mess with when he chose to double-cross Arnold in this mid-90s action flick. This sort of line might not be your go-to for motivating others, but when you need to let a rival know who’s in charge and give yourself a little ego boost it works perfectly.

“I eat Green Berets for breakfast.” — Commando

If you’re the kind of guy who uses a buzzsaw blade like a ninja star to lop off somebody scalp, a bowl of Wheaties for breakfast just won’t cut it. Sure, the line “I eat Green Berets for breakfast” is just some “macho bullsh*t” metaphor to Cindy (Rae Dawn Chong), but I wouldn’t be surprised if Commando John Matrix actually had eaten a Green Beret at one time. If somebody ever questions your abilities to handle something or someone, just say you eat said thing for breakfast and watch the wave of surprise wash over them. After all, it worked for John Matrix.

“Let’s kick some ice.” — Batman and Robin

1997’s Batman and Robin definitely wasn’t one of the highlights of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s film career, but his character, Mr. Freeze, was full of fantastically cheesy lines that were delivered as the scenery-chewing villain unleashed frozen evil all over Gotham. In that you’re probably not going to become a comic supervillain, though, maybe use this one next time you’re faced with the unfortunate task of having to clear your driveway after an ice storm. Like Arnie, you’re sure to get a smiling eye-roll from all within earshot.

“Get to the choppa!” — Predator

When there’s an invisible alien stalking your team of commandos, you don’t have time for proper enunciation of the word “chopper.” Dutch screams this command with the utmost urgency to Anna before going into full-fledged primitive warrior mode to confront the predator. While his dropping of the “r” makes the quote almost more humorous than serious, it’s helped the line become somewhat of an internet meme. That doesn’t mean you can’t keep it on hand for when you need to convey your own sense of urgency, though. Feel free to drop this classic line next time you’re on the trail or out in public with a friend who is dragging ass and holding you up. It’ll either pump them up or piss them off, but life is best lived by the risk takers, no?