Patti Mayonnaise Was A Real Girl And Other ‘Doug’ Facts That Will Make You An Expert

08.11.16 2 years ago


For many ’90s kids, the Nickelodeon lineup was crucial to their everyday routine. A standout in the stream of animated TV shows was the series about Doug Funnie, an awkward preteen who journaled, talked to his dog and sometimes dressed up with his underwear over his pants.

From Honker Burger to the nematode swamps, the world of Doug is likely familiar to anyone who had access to Nick, and later Disney, in their youth. While the long-running animated series ended in 1999 with Doug’s 1st Movie, its creator Jim Jinkins is still pushing for a comeback: “I am far from done with Doug in my own mind.” Same here, Jim. Same here.

Anyway, check out some interesting things that you might not have known about the series before it makes that (hopeful) comeback.

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