Why You Wish You Were Spending Thanksgiving With Kenny Powers And His Family

11.24.15 2 years ago
eastbound and down


Thanksgiving is a time for gathering around dead animals and feasting like hedonistic Romans. It’s also a time for watching your drunk uncle pass out at the dinner table after drinking one too many brandy sifters and gorging himself on all the dark meat. For the latter, there’s no better imbibing uncle to have than Kenny Powers (Danny McBride).

The star of Eastbound & Down (available to stream on HBO NOW), Powers was a one-man wrecking crew on the mound, but he was also a devastating jackhammer when it came to familial events. To say Powers had no chill would be an understatement. Everything he did boasted an exorbitant amount of panache, from drinking and drugging to extremely existential monologues about his career prospects. That’s why, if you were to ever pick a television character to spend Thanksgiving with, Kenny Powers would be the ultimate. Here are a few reasons why Powers is the best choice for turkey-day companionship.

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