Break Out These ‘Ferris Bueller’ Quotes When You Need A Day Off

Despite a lengthy career, Ferris Bueller is doubtlessly Matthew Broderick’s definitive character, and for good reason. Ferris embodies the kind of ballsy attitude we all wish we possessed; one where boundaries don’t exist and the pursuit of adventure is all that matters. While stealing a car and hijacking a parade isn’t recommended — okay, the parade thing might be pretty fun — adopting even a little bit of Ferris’ attitude is sure to provide a spark for open road adventure. So, in the spirit of the 1986 classic and Broderick’s 54th birthday, here are some lines of inspiration for when you feel the need to cut loose and embrace your own day of adventure and, with some luck, narrowly avoided consequences.

“How could I possibly be expected to handle school on a day like this?”

Spring is in the air, my friends, and the warm weather is just begging you to play hooky. This line is basically Ferris’ version of carpe diem, and sometimes that means busting out your sick voice and perfecting those clammy hands. While we’ve all likely felt like creating an elaborate ruse and skipping out on responsibility, that’s not always possible. What you can do, though, is embrace Ferris’ mindset and take advantage of your next day off. Question, do you have access to a 1963 Ferrari?

“You’re not dying, you just can’t think of anything good to do.”

While Cameron does his best to hold Ferris’ pursuit of a good time back, Ferris doesn’t budge and perseveres onward. Boredom is simply a lack of creativity, and when your inner Cameron rears its killjoy head, simply push it back down with this quote. Yeah, Ferris pretty much bullied Cameron without so much as a care about his health, but c’mon — 1963 Ferrari!

“You can never go too far.”

Okay, using this motto with 100% reckless abandon won’t likely lead to good things. Who knows what happened to Ferris later in life, but I’m sure he eventually did go too far and spent a few nights in jail. Still, his no bounds mindset is admirable, and if you’re truly going to cut loose for a day from the shackles of responsibility, this attitude will definitely lead you in that direction.

“That’s right, I’m Abe Froman.”

I think everyone owes it to themselves to take on an alias at least once. Ferris did it by pretending to be the “sausage king of Chicago,” we saw Jimmy use it to score free tequila in this season’s Better Call Saul, and you can do it, too. Now, the key here is picking the level of your alias. Stay away from anything involving the government, that’s just a bad idea all around. Maybe start with something small, like adopting a new name for your Starbucks order. Grande for Mel El Fuego, please.

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”

Obviously, this quote was going to make its way into the list and how could it not? Not only is this the definitive quote from the movie, but it sums up Ferris’ whole sense of adventure. If you really want to embrace a Ferris Bueller lifestyle, you gotta remember to soak up the moment.

“It’s over… Go home.”

The key to cutting loose and going Bueller-style crazy is knowing when to call it quits. All adventures must eventually come to an end, because otherwise what’s the point in the first place? Half of the fun that comes from putting the pedal to the floor and going on that wild ride is that it’s a change from the everyday routine.

So, go forth and let the wind blow through your hair as you use these quotes to steer you towards wherever the road may take you.

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