Angelica Almost Killed The Series And Other ‘Rugrats’ Facts You Didn’t Know

08.11.16 2 years ago 3 Comments


Every week (and nearly everyday) throughout the ’90s, American kids watched a group of rag-tag talking babies navigate through their larger-than-life world and learn the ups-and-downs of growing up. Rugrats (which is now streaming on Hulu), was Nickelodeon’s second ever cartoon – was preceded only by Doug, and they premiered on the same night – ran for 9 seasons and 172 episodes. It racked up awards and led to movies, endless merchandise, and a spin-off series.

Conceptualized by the then-married animation team Klasky Csupo (producer Arlene Klasky and animator Gábor Csupó), who had created The Simpsons, the show captivated not only their youthful audience, but also the targets’ parents with sight gags and witty pop culture references.

The former couple went on to create some of Nick’s most beloved series (Rocket Power, The Wild Thornberrys), and are down to give it another shot (hear that, The Splat?!). While it remains to be seen if the pair could recreate the magic of the initial 1991 phenomenon, it’s safe to say that they gave the network a lot of firsts. Read on for more on that, and some other interesting tidbits about The Rugrats.

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