Cedric Daniels Lines From ‘The Wire’ For When You Mean Business

Features Writer


His name may have been Cedric Daniels (Lance Reddick), but he preferred Lieutenant, a tough cop who devoted himself to quality police work and effective arrests in his quest to have a real, positive impact on the streets of Baltimore throughout five seasons on HBO’s The Wire. Despite his penchant for occasionally rocking the boat by going above someone’s head, Daniels moved quickly through the ranks, eventually resigning only after making it all the way up to Commissioner by the end of the series’ run, which you can catch relive in its entirety anytime on HBO Now. In short, Daniels is a model for effectiveness and diligence. But if you saw the show, you also know that he’s the one character from The Wire — despite all the killers and gun toting bad guys — whose wisdom you should look to when you need to be all business and when you need to let people know that you aren’t screwing around. Because if there’s a read you get off of Daniels and his icy cold stare, it’s that he is a serious man who is exasperated by people who play games.

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