All The Now-Famous ‘X-Files’ Guest Stars You May Have Forgotten About

and 01.24.16 3 years ago 2 Comments

The X-Files attracted a veritable who’s-who of guest actors during its heyday, some of which were just on the cusp of joining Hollywood’s elite. While actors like Bryan Cranston famously used bit turns on the ’90s show as a vehicle to success, others, like Peter Boyle, solidified their stardom with award-winning appearances. Let’s look back at the most memorable guest stars from The X-Files‘ initial run.

Samaire Armstrong, Aaron Paul and Jane Lynch – “Lord of the Flies”: Season 9, Episode 5

Before she dated Seth Cohen and worked under Ari Gold, Armstrong portrayed Natalie Gordon, the girlfriend of a literal fly-boy.

“Lord of the Flies” featured several other even bigger stars, including our first Breaking Baddie on the list, Aaron Paul, and eventual Gleek Jane Lynch as Anne Lokensgard, the fly-boy’s mother.

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