Watch As A Wild Road-Rage Incident Gets Caught On Camera In California

Driving can be an infuriating ordeal. With traffic jams, speeding tickets, and other horrible drivers, the road is a pretty maddening place. There are many ways people deal with their stress while in the driver’s seat… loud music, colorful language, and maybe the occasional one-finger salute. Usually a violent beating is not one of them. In the above video, though, that’s exactly what happened.

In the clip, two Toyotas — an Avalon and a Corolla — are seen stopped closely next to each other on a congested street in Los Angeles, California. For an unknown reason, the driver of the Corolla sticks his body out of the vehicle’s window and takes a swipe at the Avalon. Both cars move a few more feet, with the Avalon looking to cut off the Corolla. This is where the scary stuff begins.

Both men exit their reliable Japanese autos and begin to approach one another. The Corolla driver begins throwing punches, knocking the other man onto the ground and almost in the path of an oncoming van. He then continues to assault the Avalon driver with a fury of blows while the man still lays on the ground.

After a few seconds, the attacker returns to his car to leave the scene. Before he can depart, though, a bystander rushes up to the vehicle and tries to land a punch on the driver. The Corolla is able to speed off, though, as the victim gets back on his feet and into his car.

The person filming the incident had House of Pain’s “Jump Around” playing in his car, which makes the whole video seem even more violent for some reason.

(Via KTLA5)

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