03 Greedo Made An Entire Album With DJ Mustard And The First Single Is ‘Wasted’ With YG

Watts rapper 03 Greedo may be locked up but it doesn’t look like he’s letting that stop him from continuing to release music at a pace rivaling Marvel Studios’ superhero movie schedule. Before he turned himself in to serve a 20-year sentence on gun and drug charges in the state of Texas, Greedo hit the studio with a succession of producers with the result of a pile of albums planned for release in the future. The first is a joint album with DJ Mustard set for later this month, leading off with “Wasted” featuring YG.

“Wasted” is a typical song of all three principals, featuring Greedo’s topsy turvy, slurring flow atop a trademark, bouncy Mustard production. YG comes in with a second verse full of gangsta swagger. The two rappers lament a stripper’s lackluster effort, which is a swerve from the usual rap strip club anthem, but it makes sense in a humorously twisted kind of way. It’s enough to display some promising chemistry between Greedo and his production partner Mustard, which should stoke some anticipation for their joint album, Still Summer In The Projects.

03’s Alamo Records label head Todd Moscowitz explained how the collaboration took place in interview with Rolling Stone, saying: “This is how Greedo works. You get a phone call one day: ‘Hey, I made four albums over the last few weeks.’ Oh really? ‘Yeah, I went in with so and so, and we did 30 records. Then I went in with this producer, and we did 10 more records.’”

Moscowitz believes that Greedo will be one of the exceptional cases where an incarcerated rapper’s popularity grows throughout their sentence instead of decreasing thanks to the planned succession of releases, including one with fellow West Coast producer Hit-Boy. Meanwhile, Still Summer In The Projects is planned for release March 29.